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WIE Mentorship Program

WIE Mentorship Program's (WMP) mission is to create a global network of women professionals from cinema exhibitions, multi-media technologies, and out-of-home entertainment.


Built by experts who love to "pay it forward" by using their expertise and experience to elevate and inspire other professionals in different stages of their careers.


With the aim to heighten women’s visibility, expand their opportunities, open doors and build confidence, while creating strong professional communities.


As well as, to improve the commitment, performance and support of women professionals in the exhibition, entertainment and leisure engagement industries. 

Notification of the start of the program will be done in March 2024. The program will start on the 24th of April 2024.

I want to participate!

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The following benefits are waiting for you at WIE!


At the WMP you will find other women (both mentees and mentors) who will be ready to collaborate and find solutions together.


Finally get to meet people that you can identify and feel represented.

Personal Growth

Both mentors and mentees will go through a journey of personal growth from listening to each other concerns and struggles.



You will widen your reach of contacts with key members

of the Exhibition community.

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